Henderson Brewing collaborates with Copenhagen Brewery Jacobsen’s

Toronto, Ontario – Collaborating with numerous interesting breweries has always been important to Henderson Brewing Co. In the past, they have partnered with Scotland’s Brew Dog, Calgary’s Trolley Five, London UK’s Four Pure, and Toronto’s Rainhard, to name a few. However, this collaboration brew, Jacobsen x Henderson Nordic Lager, might be the most interesting of them all.

“The beer world is very small and people across the industry run into each other all the time. A few years ago we were dreaming about how fun it would be for one of the oldest and biggest breweries in Europe to collaborate with one of Canada’s independent and smallest” says Sebastiaan Besems, CEO of Carlsberg Canada Inc. “it turns out the idea had traction and last year we hosted some of the Henderson team in Copenhagen, and from there we started our collaboration, with Nordic Lager.”

“Carlsberg has hundreds of years of experience, and has resources beyond our imagination” explains Henderson GM Steve Himel “they have been instrumental in the science and research that has allowed all of us to be the brewers that we are today. For example, building the Ph scale and isolating single strains of yeast.”

Image Courtesy of Henderson Brewing

Jacobsen x Henderson Nordic Lager is a 5.2% ABV lager brewed in Toronto, and infused with Scandanavian Angelica Root, which is known for it restorative properties and once said to be the currency of Vikings. It creates a quietly herbaceous flavour, backed with a mild sweetness. It is also brewed using the original Danish Yeast, which is nearly 200 years old, and Canadian grains. The result is this new brew, Nordic Lager, a golden lager that is both complex and refreshing.

Nordic Lager will officially launch on Sunday Nov.10, 2019 with an outdoor daylong Nordic Festival held at Henderson’s Sterling road brewery. Dubbed Nordic Fest, the day will be a celebration of all things Nordic, the arrival of Winter, and the launch of the New Beer. There will be live music, nordic games, an artisan market, Scandinavian inspired food from the Drake Commissary, and of course, lots of beer, including Nordic Lager, as well as several Jacobsen beers that have never been released in Canada before. The event runs from 11am-5pm, is free and all ages are welcome.

Jacobsen x Henderson Nordic Lager will be available in 473ml cans in the
Henderson Bottle Shop, as well as select bars and restaurants across Toronto, and LCBO & grocery stores across the province.

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