HogsBack Brewing adds a New Year Round Beer

Ottawa, Ontario –  Ottawa’s HogsBack Brewing Company is celebrating its 5th year in business with the addition of a new year round beer brand Ontario Pale Ale to be released and available this month at LCBO stores throughout Ontario.

Hogs BackAfter teasing the news of a new year round beer style less than a year ago, HogsBack is pleased to announce the release of Ontario Pale Ale (5.5% abv) which is a golden to amber Pale Ale with a smooth blend of malt & unique use of Ontario grown hops that give this beer its name. The finish is crisp & clean with the pleasant bitterness characteristic of pale ale.

“It’s a perfect complement to our multiple award winning Vintage Lager,” says Paige Cutland, co-owner of HogsBack Brewing Company, “A true refreshing beer with a great taste that Ontarians can call their own.”

Brewed locally under contract in Ottawa, Ontario Pale Ale has started shipping and will available in 473ml single serve tallboy cans at LCBO’s throughout Ontario soon.

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