Introducing LCBO’s First Craft Beer Zone and Growler Station

Listen to Hon. Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance give his definition of what a growler is.

Below is a blog entry from the Minister of Finance, Hon. Charles Sousa.

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On September 17, I had the pleasure of officially launching the first of 25 Craft Beer Zones, and the first ever growler station, at the Summerhill LCBO store. As part of the Government’s ongoing plan to increase choice for consumers, Craft Beer Zones will enhance the consumer experience while increasing exposure and enabling growth for craft brewers.

The new growler station at the Summerhill LCBO will feature three Ontario craft beers per week. “Growlers” are reusable glass containers that hold 1.89 litres (almost 6 bottles) of freshly-dispensed beer, straight from the keg. Consumers can also sample the featured brands for a nominal fee.

Craft Beer Zones, including the growler station unique to Summerhill, are a platform to enhance the consumer experience as well as increase consumer exposure to the Craft Brewing industry. Through the Summerhill growler station craft brewers get to showcase their products unavailable in any other format at the LCBO.

Thank you to the wonderful staff of LCBO, as well as LCBO CEO Bob Peter and Steam Whistle CEO and Co-Founder Cam Heaps, who helped me announce this exciting new initiative.

Keep checking my blog for more updates as Ontario continues to roll out the largest shakeup to the way beer is sold in Ontario in nearly 90 years.

Cheers, Ontario!

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