Kensington Brewing opens second location

Toronto, Ontario – Kensington Brewing have announced via Facebook that they have opened a second location. This location is the former Lake Wilcox brewery located at 3-1033 Edgeley in Vaughan.

It wasn’t our intention to open a second brewery in the middle of a global pandemic (definitely poor timing), but we’ve been working on this for over a year now & couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. You’ve been to our brewery, things are tight. In short, we just needed a little more space. Now we’ll be able to brew enough beer to….(here’s another bit of exciting info) return to the LCBO, work with more local restaurants & bars, & work on a few new recipes & projects!

Image Courtesy of Kensington Brewing – FACEBOOK

299 Augusta Ave. in Toronto’s Kensington Market is still & will continue to remain our forever home (don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere). We cannot wait to share this new space with you, meet our new neighbours, & have a lot more space.

As of May 7 this location is open and operating from 2pm to 8pm.

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