LCBO recalls Brock St. Brewing Blonde Lager

Toronto, Ontario – The LCBO, in collaboration with Brock Street Brewing, is issuing a recall of all 473mL cans of Brock Street Blonde Lager packaged before October, 2016.

This recall results from an LCBO product quality investigation which has confirmed a limited number of cans produced before October, 2016 are undergoing a second fermentation which can cause the cans to burst due to excessive internal pressure.

The following affected product has been removed from LCBO store shelves.

LCBO Product No.             Brand Description                                        Lot Codes

468181                         Brock Street Blonde Lager 473 mL can             BA-290816-22




Other lot codes may be affected. Unopened product may be returned to any LCBO store for a full refund.

Customers and licensees are advised to use caution when handling this product including when checking the lot code located near the base of the can.

Brock St. Brewing released this statement via their Facebook page:

Notice from Brock Street: This year, Brock Street Brewing Company has delivered nearly 35,000 cans of our Brock Street Blonde to LCBO outlets. Brock Street was notified by the LCBO this morning that one of our 473 ml Brock Street Blonde cans at a Toronto LCBO outlet experienced a seaming issue. An employee of the LCBO received minor cuts to his hand while handling the can. The incident occurred last evening. The batch in question was packaged and delivered to the LCBO in the summer and was at Store 217 in Toronto. In order to ensure the highest quality standards possible, and to ensure the safety of LCBO staff, our staff, and our customers, and in conjunction with the LCBO, all cans of Brock Street Blonde including every can that is not affected, has been removed from LCBO shelving and are being replaced. Brock Street and the LCBO have determined that the batch affected predates September 30 and contains one of the following codes: BA-290816-22, BA-170816, BA-080816-20 and BA-020816-19. The code can be found on the bottom of the can or on the blue section of can. Brock Street hereby issues a recall on the Brock Street Blonde sold at all LCBO locations containing the above codes. Unopened product should be returned to the LCBO or the brewery for a refund or replacement. Brock Street thank you for your support. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

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