Market Brewing Company joins the fight against Covid-19

Newmarket, Ontario – Market Brewing Company have produced and delivered their first batch of hand sanitizer to South Lake Hospital in their hometown of Newmarket. They would like to thank all the front line workers for their service during this difficult time. This is why they chose to donate their first 1000 bottles of Bare Hands Sanitizer to their local hospital.

While facing a large challenge once COVID-19 hit; the closure of their taproom to help flatten the curve brought an abrupt disruption in community events and sales. To counteract this they quickly set up their online beer delivery portal, so they could continue to provide our fresh beer to the community.

They then took a further step to answer the Canadian government’s call for the production of personal protective equipment. For them that meant changing their production layout, and adding new equipment to produce and package hand sanitizer outlined by the World Health Organization.

In the coming weeks they will have this for sale at the brewery, however at this time they ask that everyone be patient as they are primarily producing this for healthcare services around the region. They will make another announcement when everyone will be able to purchase individual bottles at the brewery.
Image Courtesy of Market Brewing
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