Mike Gurr of Kensington Brewing talks about new brewery location

Toronto, Ontario – At the Kensington Brewing Company they strive to produce beer that reflects the diverse history of Kensington Market.

Kensington Brewing has been contract brewing since 2011 and has not brewed a beer in the market… yet… but that is soon to change.  In the spring they hope to have their new brewery up and running at 299 Augusta Street right in the heart of the market.  The market will officially have a brewery to call their own and the brewery hopes to use as many local products as they can in the brewery and in their beer.

It has been a long time coming but the brewery should be open this spring.  What’s Brewin’ spoke to Mike Gurr part of the founding group at Kensington Brewing about the opening of the new brewery and what we can expect to see at this location.

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