Mill St. Brewery to Offer Craft Brands at New UP Express Flagship Station

MILL ST. BREWERY -Craft Brands at UP Express StationToronto, Ontario –  Mill St. Brewery announced that they will be a partner of UP Express when its flagship Union Station location opens in May 2015.

Situated on the second level of the station, the “CIBC UPstairs” lounge will feature Mill St. Brewery’s distinct offering of homegrown craft beers, specially selected to accompany the delicious light fare that UP Express guests will be able to enjoy before boarding the train to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“UP Express is a landmark addition to our city’s infrastructure and will be a great benefit to residents and visitors alike,” says Kevin Weitzman, Vice President at Mill Street. “We hope that we can add to the positive experience for everyone stopping in to the “CIBC UPstairs” lounge by providing a variety of delicious craft beers that will fit the tastes of any beer drinker.”

“UP Express will transform the way people travel to and from the airport and make it easier to experience everything that the province and the city have to offer,” says Kathy Haley, President of UP Express. “Our flagship station will be the first place to showcase the unique brands and products that you can find in Toronto. Mill Street’s dedication to its craft and passion for the city make them a perfect partner.”

Mill Street’s presence at Union Station will add to the assembly of high quality craft brands that promise to capture the interest of UP Express’ guests and reflect the best of the city.

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