Mill Street’s Coffee and Vanilla Porters are back at the LCBO

Toronto, Ontario – Mill Street Brewery have both their Vanilla Porter and their Coffee Porter available now on LCBO shelves.  Watch for these two popular seasonal beers on the shelf next time your looking for a wonderful fall beer.

Mill St Vanilla PorterMill Street Vanilla Porter has been a cult favourite in our brewpubs every winter for the past four years. brewed with Washington state nugget hops, our house ale yeast culture & pure natural vanilla extract, vanilla porter is nitrogen-charged to pour a Thick, tight head with a creamy texture & body. Our vanilla extract is cold pressed from vanilla orchid bean pods giving it over 250 individual flavour notes (conventional hot extraction yields 50) resulting in a captivating depth of flavour and breadth of character.


ABV IBU Glassware Style Serving Temp
5.0 29 Pint Shaker Porter 4-8 deg C

Mill St Coffee PorterThe Coffee Porter is an award-winning beer with cult status! One of the original Mill Street creations, this rich and robust porter has an aroma of burn malt and dark roasted coffee. Notes of chocolate, coffee and toasty malt with a light bitterness. Made with real Balzac’s roasted coffee beans in every batch.


ABV IBU Glassware Style Serving Temp
5.5 20 Wide Mouth Tulip Porter 4-8 deg C
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