Muskoka Brewery releases new beer – Ebb & Flow Session Sour

Bracebridge, Ontario – Muskoka Brewery have just released a new crushable beer at only 2.4% ABV –  Ebb & Flow Session Sour.

Ebb & Flow is their nod in agreement that it’s time for an easygoing brew that doesn’t skimp on flavour. You’ll pick up a light tropical aroma with notes of lime and grapefruit on the nose of this effervescent beer. With a pleasantly tart flavour up front, there’s no need to pucker up. The light body of this Session Sour leaves you refreshed and ready to go about your day.

“It’s all in the name. ‘Ebb & Flow’ calls out balance that’s achieved in motion. It’s well-suited to occasions when you’re craving a full-flavoured beer, but need to stay the course, whether that’s your weekend chores, heading back to work after a lunchtime pint or catching up with friends over the holidays,” says Todd Lewin, President of Muskoka Brewery. “Sours continue to attract new drinkers to the beer category and with the recent legalization of cannabis, we also see occasions where there is crossover with a low alcohol beer option.”

‘Ebb & Flow’ will be available soon at grocery stores or The Beer Store and will be on LCBO shelves in January.  It is available now at the brewery or their online shop.

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