Muskoka’s Summer Survival Sampler returns with a new seasonal

Bracebridge, Ontario – Muskoka Brewery’s Summer Survival Sampler is getting even more refreshing with the addition of Cool As Cuke. Cool As Cuke was in their 2016 Moonlight Kettle line-up – an American Pale Ale with cucumber juice and lemongrass, it also won Gold at the US Open Beer Championship for Best Vegetable Beer.

“The cucumber aroma and flavour are very prominent in Cool As Cuke. It provides a refreshing finish that will make you want another sip. Lemongrass is a delicate background flavour, which complements the tropical hop flavours” said Will Garrett Muskoka brewer.

Muskoka uses use approximately 350L of fresh cucumber juice per batch of Cool As Cuke – that’s around 4% of the beer, meaning you’re getting an awesome hit of cucumber in every sip. Plus, the health benefits of the cucumber pass through to the finished product.

Muskoka Summer Pack 2017

This year, the Summer Survival Sampler is available in 473mL six packs and 341mL twelve packs.  The survival pack contains Cream Ale, Craft Lager, Detour, Kirby’s Kölsch, Summerweiss and for the first time – Cool As Cuke.

This year’s Summer Survival Sampler will be available at the LCBO, the Beer Store and grocery locations starting early April, as well as being available right now in their Tap Room.

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