New Brew Donkey bus makes touring beer in Ottawa stylish

Ottawa, Ontario – Brew Donkey, Ottawa’s first and only brewery tour service, is finally able to help craft beer lovers in the ultimate branded brew bus. This addition was made possible by the new Travel Industry Act regulations that allow Brew Donkey to purchase and resell transportation directly from suppliers.

“After changes to the act took effect, I immediately sat down with our transportation partner to get this bus on the road” says owner/operator, Brad Campeau.

All trips on the new Brew Donkey bus will be organized as a charter with Roxborough Bus Lines, the legal owner of the bus.  This collaboration will allow Brew Donkey to customize their own bus while continuing to have the great safety and dispatch capabilities of Roxborough Bus Lines.

The new bus features an impressive craft beer-themed outer body, live edge tables, custom seating, a selfie booth, and education panels.
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