Ontario Brewing Awards winners for 2020

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Brewing Awards were held virtually this year on November 14th.

With over 100 awards handed out you can view the list of winners below or watch the full awards show video.

Standard American Beer

Gold: Beach One Cerveza | Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

Silver: Nickel City | Stack Brewing

Bronze: Ides of September 2020: Nellie’s Cream Ale | Henderson Brewing Co

International Lager

Gold: Waterloo Dark | Waterloo Brewing

Silver: Guera | 46 North Brewing

Bronze: Vacation Voucher | Katalyst Brewing Company Inc.

Czech Lager

Gold: Bohemian Style Pilsner | Flora Hall Brewing

Silver: Steam Whistle Pilsner | Steam Whistle Brewing

Bronze: Legion Lager | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD.

Pale Malty European Lager

Gold: Lincoln Lager | Bench Brewing Company

Silver: Marzen | Amsterdam Brewing 

Bronze: Helles | Amsterdam Brewing 

Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold: Rearview | Overflow Brewing Company

Silver: Bohemian Pilsner | Brock Street Brewing Company

Bronze: 626 Pils | Gateway City Brewery

Amber Malty European Lager

Gold: BEER 101 BOCK | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Silver: Autumn | Anderson Craft Ales

Bronze: North Star Rauchbier | Gateway City Brewery

Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold: Impact | Stack Brewing

Silver: La Volpe | Indie Alehouse

Bronze: Sticke Alt | Amsterdam Brewing 

Dark European Lager

Gold: German Dark Lager | Brock Street Brewing Company

Silver: Black Sail | Lock Street Brewing Company 

Bronze: Dam Dark Lager | Thornbury Village Craft Brewery

German Wheat Beer

Gold: Beautiful Aurelia | Foundry Brewing

Silver: Haberdasher Hefeweizen | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Bronze: Hefeweizen | Kingsville Brewing Co

British Bitter

Gold: Atherley Pale Ale | Couchiching Craft Brewing Co.

Silver: Special Pale Ale | Wellington Brewery

Bronze: English Ordinary Bitter | Flora Hall Brewing

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold: Geronimo IPA | Walkerville Brewery

Silver: Golden boy | Indie Alehouse

Bronze: Golden Ale | Henderson Brewing Co

Brown British Beer

Gold: Clifford Porter | Clifford Brewing

Silver: 3 Threads Porter | Magnotta Brewery

Bronze: Riverhead Dark Mild | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Irish Beer

Gold: It’s a Stout | Kensington Brewing Company

Silver: Righteous Red | Kame & Kettle Beer Works

Bronze: Vimy Red Ale | Vimy Brewing Company

Dark British Beer

Gold: Riverhead Milk Stout | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Silver: Hazelnut Coffee Stout | Publican House Brewery

Bronze: Sons of Kent – Don’t Panic Oatmeal Stout | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Strong British Ale

Gold: Sons of Kent – Scotch Ale | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Silver: BEER 101 STRONG | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Bronze: Burning boat | Indie Alehouse

Pale American Ale

Gold: A Reason to Live | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Silver: Pavilion Pale Ale | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Bronze: Bangkok Crosswalk | Overflow Brewing Company

Amber and Brown American Beer

Gold: Amber | Anderson Craft Ales

Silver: Abitibi Amber | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Bronze: Lion’S Mane | Full Beard Brewing Co.

American Porter and Stout

Gold: Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout | Walkerville Brewery

Silver: Big Pour Stout | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Bronze: Imperial Russian Stout | Wellington Brewery


Gold: IPA | New Limburg Brewing Co.

Silver: Expansion Sour IPA | Stack Brewing

Bronze: Instigator | Indie Alehouse

Strong American Ale

Gold: Metal Head | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Silver: Double Dry Hopped DIPA | Flora Hall Brewing

Bronze: Big Kahuna Imperial IPA | Spearhead Brewing Company

European Sour Ale

Gold: Rouge | Meuse Brewing Company Inc.

Silver: Mueuze | Meuse Brewing Company Inc.

Bronze: Ritual Madness | Indie Alehouse

Belgian Ale

Gold: Ta-Beer-Wit | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Silver: Riverhead Belgian Wit | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Bronze: Ides of August 2020: Chef Avtar’s Witbier | Henderson Brewing Co

Strong Belgian Ale

Gold: LaCloche | Stack Brewing

Silver: BEER 101 Saison | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Bronze: Farmhouse Saison | Fenelon Falls Brewing Co

Trappist Ale

Gold: Tripel | New Limburg Brewing Co.

Silver: Ides of December 2019: Wish Book | Henderson Brewing Co

Bronze: Rube Goldbeer | Henderson Brewing Co

Historical Beer

Gold: My Strange Uncles From Abroad | Thornbury Village Craft Brewery

Silver: THE BEARDED PROSPECTOR | Full Beard Brewing Co.

American Wild Ale

Gold: Puckered Up | Heritage Hops Brew Co

Silver: Twisted WhisKers Sour Series Strawberry Rhubarb Pie | Full Beard Brewing Co.

Bronze: Green Fields Sour Ale | Bench Brewing Company

Fruit Beer

Gold: Old Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy | United Craft

Silver: Raspberry Uber | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Bronze: Swiss Chocolate Raspberry Porter | Spearhead Brewing Company

Spiced Beer

Gold: Fully Laden Sloth Dark Chocolate and Coconut Stout | North Works Brewing Co

Silver: Vanilla Mocha Sloth Stout | North Works Brewing Co

Bronze: Kataclysm | Katalyst Brewing Company Inc.

Alternative Fermentables Beer

Gold: Jealous mistress | Lock Street Brewing Company 

Silver: 137 Rye Pale Ale | Gateway City Brewery

Smoked Beer

Gold: Campfire Rye | Boshkung Brewing Co

Silver: Welders Flash White Stout | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Bronze: Smoked Honey | Royal City Brewing Co

Wood Beer

Gold: UVB-76 Maksim | Wellington Brewery

Silver: Amber Fortified | Bench Brewing Company

Bronze: B√Ętiment Saison | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Specialty Beer

Gold: String & Twirl | Quayle’s Brewery

Silver: Juicilicious Dry Hopped Sour | Market Brewing Company

Bronze: Braided Roads | Red Circle Brewing Co

New England IPA

Gold: Hazy Town | Amsterdam Brewing 

Silver: Sons of Kent – Juice Box | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Bronze: Working Hard New England IPA | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Catharina Sour

Gold: Blood Moon | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD.

Silver: Braided Roads (Mixed Berry) | Red Circle Brewing Co

Bronze: Wellington x Nickel Brook – Dry-Hopped Sour with Blueberry and Pear | Wellington Brewery

Best Of Show

Rouge – Meuse Brewing Company Inc.

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