Rainhard Brewing announce brewery expansion

Toronto, Ontario – With Rainhard Brewing’s second anniversary behind them they have announced a expansion.

In August they’ll be taking over the unit directly behind them at 100 Symes Rd., knocking down the wall, and putting in a new 15 BBL brewhouse, along with a handful of 30BBL fermenters.  They have been running at capacity for a long time but with the expansion up and running in the fall, they’ll be able to take some of the pressure off and bring a few more LCBOs and licensees on board.

They’ve also been very busy behind the scenes in an effort to grow their barrel program. Once they are up and running with the new space and brewhouse, their next priority will be installing and filling up our two foeders (basically very large 15BBL oak barrels) that are on the way over from Italy.   This will act as the base for many of their sour beers, while blending with their more experimental small barrels.

They’re currently in the process of developing a house yeast.  If all goes according to plan, their house yeast will be a dual-strain made up of a yeast that throws out a touch more flavor and aroma, and combining it with the power of a neutral new world yeast. They first experimented with their new yeast in their Total Clarity IPA (released for the 2017 Aleyards Spring BBQ), which was actually 100% fermented with the new expressive strain. While it showed promise, it was a touch too yeast-forward, and interfered with their hop profile. They have since followed up by introducing the two strains into a test batch of Kapow (currently on tap at the brewhouse). If the strains get along, they’ll get a little more character and depth in the finished product, and if it complements and enhances the hop profile as planned, they’ll maintain it as their house culture. If not, they’ll go in a different direction to find the specific subtle character they’re looking for.

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