Recording Current Events 1 Pint at a Time

We here at What’s Brewin’ like to get out and document all types of craft beer events!!  Please enjoy some of our videos that we have done over the past couple of years.

Session Toronto Craft Beer Festival 2016


Society of Beer Drinking Ladies (October 2016)


Official Launch of the Toronto Beer Week Beer 2016


Ontario Craft Beer Guide Volume 1 – (June 2016)


Zuccas Ristorante and Pizzeria (June 2016)


Session Toronto Craft Beer Festival 2015


Listen to Hon. Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance give his definition of what a growler is (September 2015)


Craft Beer Zone Launch at Summerhill LCBO (September 2015)


Official Craft Beer Zone Launch at Summerhill LCBO – Raw Video (September 2015)


Troy Burtch describes the 2015 Toronto Beer Week Beer (September 2015)


Tap takeover at Hungry Brew Hops in Newmarket with Great Lakes Brewery and Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company (June 2015)


What’s Brewin’ spoke to Gerry Saieva of Brimstone Brewing about their location and a few beers they offer (June 2015)


Steam Whistle – 15 Years of Beer (May 2015)


Who Are The OCB? (April 2015)


Craft Beer and LCBO (April 2015)


With a decision coming later this month on liberalized beer sales in Ontario, the government may be shifting its thinking about the Beer Store. What’s Brewin’ recently spoke with Ontario Craft Brewers Vice Chair, Darren Smith, about his thoughts on the issues (April 2015)


How We Buy Beer (March 2015)


What’s Brewin’ attended The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival held in Toronto. Great beer from Ontario Craft Brewers and some great food all in one place (February 2015)


What’s Brewin’ was in Durham Region and had a little fun with the guys from 5 Paddles Brewing. Grand opening is on June 15, 2013


Once You Go Craft You Never Go Back (May 2013)


Craft Beer vs Wine (May 2013)


The Brewer’s Plate returned on April 17th, 2013 for its sixth annual celebration of local sustainable food and beer in a spring feast that benefited Toronto based charity, Not Far From The Tree. The event was held at CBC (Barbara Frum) Atrium and What’s Brewin’ was there to cover the event.

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