Restaurants of all sizes are starting to make the craft beer choice

Mount Albert, Ontario – It is nice to see more and more restaurants regardless of their size choosing to sell craft beer over macro beer.  This is a great sign of how things are changing in the beer world – for the better.

What’s Brewin’ spoke with Sebastian Zucca the owner of Zucca’s Ristorante and Pizzeria located in Zuccas LogoMount Albert, Ontario.  Sebastian has decided to dedicate all his beer taps in the restaurant to craft beer and the response from his customers have been great.

Zucca’s serves beer from Beau’s All Natural Brewing and Lake Wilcox Brewing and would be willing to add more craft beer taps in the future Sebastian has said.

The restaurant serves Italian food in a cozy family setting with a large outdoor patio to soak up the sun and craft beer on tap, what more can you ask for.

Watch the video to learn more about Sebastian and Zucca’s Ristorante and Pizzeria.

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