Results for the 2017 Founders’ Classic BeerMile

Toronto, Ontario – The 2nd annual “Sundown Showdown” took place last night at West Toronto Collegiate Institute with 30 runners taking to the track.

The first heat of the Founders’ Classic started at sundown, where Tej & Dan went head-to-head. Dan got his revenge this year by defeating last years champ Tej in a time of 8:16.00.

Image Courtesy of Dan Grant

Image Courtesy of Dan Grant

The night continued with a mens heat (7:19.00 was the winning time), a women’s heat and a relay race, with the after-party being held at Lansdowne Brewery.

Some rules to remember when entering a Beer Mile are 355ml is the minimum size of beer to be used and it must be at least 5.0% ABV. Also if you throw up during the run you have to do an extra lap.

Dan Grant (Brew Scout and #RunTOBeer) spoke to What’s Brewin’ about the event.

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