Royal City Brewing collaborates with Guelph Black Heritage Society

Guelph, Ontario – February is Black Heritage Month and to honour this, Royal City Brewing have collaborated with Guelph Black Heritage Society for the last 5 years to produce Lantern Ale.

A portion of all sales from this product go directly to the society and the initiatives they are currently pursuing. Guelph Black Heritage Society strives to create a cultural, historical and social community center within Guelph and Wellington County at Heritage Hall.

Image Courtesy of Royal City Brewing

The 1880 building that Guelph Black Heritage Society have owned since 2012 is a former British Methodist Episcopal Church which had ties to the Underground Railroad. At that time, the lantern was a symbol of hope and safety, guiding people to freedom. A lantern would be placed in the window of a home to signify and to identify a safe house along the underground railroad.

This blonde ale is easy-drinking and refreshing with aromas of honey, Wonder Bread, apricots and hint of fresh cut grass.  As the beer warms, some green apple and boozy notes also emerge. On the palate, grainy sweetness leads into a dried apricot note.

Lantern Ale is available now.

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