Sawdust City Releases Newest “Winewood Series” Beer

Gravenhurst, Ontario – To celebrate the 1st anniversary of their grand opening Sawdust City Brewing will release their newest “Winewood Series” beer – 1606 on Friday September 4th.  Sawdust City will have live music, games and prizes as they celebrate their first year of their grand opening this Labour Day weekend.

Sawdust City 1606Our very own Skinny Dippin’ Stout aged for 12 months in Ontario red wine barrels, “1606” has all the roasted, chocolate notes you’ve come to love in our stout. We’ve just made it betterer! There’s now a big oak character on the nose, along with a slight funk and a lovely vinous character as well. Oh yeah, we dosed the barrels with raspberries throughout the year too, so there’s a slight cheek puckering tartness in there…just to round everything out!

There are only approximately 400 bottles available at the brewery.

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