Stack Brewing unveils 2 New Beer Names to replace Moose beers






Sudbury, Ontario – After last months phone call from Moosehead breweries Stack Brewing has unveiled its replacement names for Angry Moose and Friendly Moose.  The two new names are Stack 72 and Shatter Cone.

Angry Moose will be re-named Stack 72.  Stack 72 reflects the year the Inco super-stack in Sudbury was completed.  “I kind of like the fact that people can go somewhere and ask ‘Give me a 72 or a Stack 72,’ which sounds kind of cool,” Shawn Mailloux, president and owner of the company said.

Friendly Moose will be re-named Shatter Cone.  Mailloux said the company decided to go with a geological formation around Sudbury, known as the Shatter Cone.


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