Waterloo Brewing Celebrates it 35th Anniversary

Kitchener, Ontario – Waterloo Brewing, the trade name of Brick Brewing Co. Limited (“Brick” or the “Company”) (TSX: BRB), today celebrates its 35th anniversary as Ontario’s First Craft Brewer and wants to thank the beer drinkers of Ontario in two significant ways: a new commemorative Waterloo Craft Lager and a  reduction in the price of its Waterloo Dark, Amber, IPA and Craft Lager brands to celebrate this historic event.

“As our 35th anniversary was approaching we started to reflect on our company’s roots and what motivated the craft beer movement,” said George Croft, President and CEO Waterloo Brewing. “And it was really about two things: more flavourful beer and the quality of ingredients. Back in the early 80s light beer and straw-coloured lagers were the only options for beer drinkers; nothing with body or full flavour. And many brewers were increasingly using corn, rice and syrup in the brewing process instead of whole-grain malted barley. Those were the two things craft brewers at the time wanted to change.”

“Our brewery has the highest standards for craft brewing quality in Canada,” stated Russell Tabata, Chief Operating Officer. “No craft brewer in Canada has higher product safety or quality standards than Waterloo Brewing. We brew our Waterloo Dark, IPA, Amber and new Craft Lager with only barley, yeast, hops and water; simple, traditional ingredients and no artificial flavour additives. Our 5-year, $33 million investment in this state-of-the-art brewery allows us to brew beers of peerless quality, and to make those expertly crafted beers available at a more reasonable price.”

“Craft beer wasn’t meant to be about undrinkable flavour combinations, or high prices,” continued Croft. “We believe time with friends and family is special, so the beer should be too. Craft beer with quality you can taste. Craft beer quality for a price that’s fair and reasonable. We invite beer drinkers across Ontario to enjoy our 35th anniversary Waterloo Craft Lager and help return craft beer to its simpler roots.”

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