Waterloo Brewing Co. Introduces the Perfect Spring Wake Up

Kitchener, OntarioBrick Brewing Co. Limited (“Brick” or the “Company”) (TSX: BRB), Ontario’s largest Canadian-owned brewery, introduces a new tradition to Ontario beer drinkers to rouse us from our winter hibernation. Waterloo Double Double Doppelbock is based on the traditional ‘double bock’ lager brewed by monks during the late Renaissance for people to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

“Our distinctly Canadian twist on the traditional Doppelbock style was to include our nation’s second favourite beverage, coffee” said Bill Henry, Director of Brewing, Quality and Logistics at Brick Brewing. “With a Doppelbock you can expect a deep brown lager and a beer character reminiscent of toffee, dark chocolate and dried-fruit which are all produced by a rich blend of toasted and dark malts. Our Waterloo Double Double Doppelbock is finished with a subtle coffee note to perfectly complement cool Spring days in Ontario.”

“Our Waterloo Small Batch Brews are getting more popular with each season” enthused Sean Dennis, Director of Marketing, Brick Brewing. “From our recent Spiced Dunkel to our sell-out Radlers, Waterloo Brewing Co. is getting the attention of people who truly appreciate the superior quality and ingredients of our craft beers that produce a difference you can actually taste. We’re so proud of the artistry our Brewmasters put into these great seasonal beers with the local flair and flavour that reminds us all where we’re from.”


Waterloo Double Double Doppelbock is 7.0% ABV and available for $2.95 @ the LCBO.

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