Wellington Brewery donating to support the Guelph Food Bank

Guelph, Ontario – For the entire month of December, Wellington Brewery will be donating $0.10 from every tall can of Helles Lager sold to support the Guelph Food Bank. This includes all tall cans sold at the LCBO, Beer Store, and Grocery Store locations across the province in addition to everything sold from their brewery. 

Image Courtesy of Wellington Brewery

They’ll also be accepting additional donations at the checkout of their online store to support the Guelph Food Bank. You can also make a donation directly to the Guelph Food Bank or find another food bank to support across the province. 

Many food banks are struggling to keep up with demand this year, so your support will go a long way in helping those in need this holiday season. 

They’ll be announcing the results of their fundraiser in early January.

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