What is Flagship February

Toronto, Ontario – Flagship February kicks off today and continues for the rest of the month. Stephen Beaumont teamed up with Jay Brooks and 25 other writers to get Flagship February off and running.

The idea of Flagship February according to their website is – Our thinking is that flagship beers have much to teach new drinkers and remind older drinkers, and if they fall off the radar so far that they disappear completely, we will all be that much poorer for it.

Since it is easy to overlook great flagship beers when beer store shelves and barroom taps heave with new and special edition brews, Flagship February is about taking a pause to reconsider flagship beers that might have slipped off your radar, or never occurred to you to try!

Image Courtesy of Flagship February

Stephen Beaumont explains how Flagship February came to be.

A Flagship beer is a beer that defines a brewery. It’s the one that you immediately think of when you hear the brewery’s name, the one that most people associate with the business. In most cases, it is their best-selling beer and often the one that outsells all their other offerings by a wide margin.

Stephen tells us why he chose to write about Samuel Adams Boston Lager as his first essay of the month.

Stephen also clears the air about the decision to included sponsorship for Flagship February.

Promotions and events are being held in bars, taprooms and restaurants all over the world so check their website to find a list of everyone participating this month.

We would like to thank Stephen Beaumont who took the time today to speak with What’s Brewin’ about Flagship February and remember to use the hashtag #FlagshipFebruary.

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