Winter Porter from Barn Door Beverage Co. Available Now

Nobleton, Ontario – Barn Door Beverage Co. now has their Winter Porter available.  The Winter Porter can be purchased in bottles only at the brewery in Nobleton.

The Winter Porter is brewed by James Wilson the lead brewer at King Brewery.

image1The Idea: This porter was designed to marry qualities from each Porter sub-category and have them all come together with balance and subtlety in mind.

The Aroma: A rich malt aroma with mild roastiness is evident on the nose. Digging a little deeper the aroma reveals a nice mix of coffee, caramel, and a subtle hop spiciness.

The Colour: This porter is clear and has a nice dark brown appearance with subtle ruby highlights when held up to the light.

The Flavour: A full malt flavour dominates this beer, with mild hop bitterness to balance the alcohol and roasty characters. This Porter has a soothing warmness to it without being overpowering and overly alcoholic. The coffee, toast, and roast in this beer are met with a subtle caramel malt sweetness to soften the bitterness that is usually evident in a traditional robust porter.

The Summary: This is a full-bodied, complex, and warming porter that is very approachable and which finishes dry on the palate, begging you for another sip. This porter is designed to showcase the best flavours the ingredients can offer and attempts to “get out of its own way” and lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Unlike some higher-alcohol beers, this porter will not hit you over the head with an overly sweet or alcoholic flavour and leaves you wanting more.

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